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It was my first weeks as a pediatrician. In came sweet 4-year-old Ava, who we squeezed in for her yearly checkup even though she'd originally just stopped in for her flu shot. Already behind, I - as many physicians experience every day - was rushed but also needing to perform a full exam. I'm so glad I took my time because I ended up feeling something unusual in her belly. 

"Dr. Barry was almost finished with her exam when she started asking lots of belly questions," Sandra, her mother, later explained. "She said she could feel something in my baby's belly. I initially thought this was overkill, but off to the CT we went. I was never thinking this could happen. When we walked in, she was a 4-year-old with no problems."

Later that same day I, along with my partner, sat down with Sandra to share with her that Ava had nephroblastoma, also known as Wilms' tumor. Ava had kidney cancer. It was a difficult and painful conversation, and one that I will never forget. 

Ava battled through it like the hero she is, surviving 28 weeks of chemo, 7 days of radiation, and 2 surgeries. We were all so thankful to have caught it early. She is now living cancer-free and thriving.

"Thank God Dr. Barry found it!", Sandra would later share. "She was amazing. Right place, right time, right doctor!"

Ava's journey in beating cancer inspired so many, including me. I truly believe that I am the doctor I am today because of my encounter with her at such an impressionable point early in my career. She taught me so much, and forever emphasized the importance of spending the time to do things right. She crosses my mind almost every day, a constant reminder to never cut corners or skip over any aspect of my trusted role in the wellbeing of a child.


Thank you, Ava. 

Testimonials: Testimonials

“If you are looking for a pediatrician, I urge you to check out Dr. Deanna Barry. Dr. Barry is in the daily grind of motherhood with us all. She chooses to use her gift of a serving heart to help heal and protect her community of families with children. I love this woman and her devotion to her patients and her mom-to-mom pep talks of encouragement and love! Thank you Dr. Barry for your BIG heart and your desire to help others!"


We might think we are nurturing our garden,

but of course it's our garden that is really nurturing us.

“You have done nothing but show compassion and go above and beyond for my family and I! We are truly appreciative for all you do!”

“I remember the first appointment that we had with you. I explained their health concerns to you and you told me that a mom knows their children best. You were so right in saying that! We went from being so terrified as to what could be wrong to being able to get them the help that they needed. We are so thankful that you helped us to find answers and a diagnosis for our kiddos. You are an amazing doctor and have been such a blessing to our family! We are so grateful!”


“You are awesome! Thank you for your help and always taking your time and caring for my littles as if they were yours! God blessed you with amazing talent! xo”


“I just wanted to text you because I had been thinking about you. I wanted to thank you for all you do! You support and inspire me! Thank you for always answering all my questions, taking your time, and reassuring me that I’m doing a great job! I hope you know how many lives you touch!"

“Outstanding care and Dr. Barry even called after office hours to follow up to check on how *** was doing. She definitely cares for her patients!"

"Thank you for being so much more than our doctor, you are part of our family!"

"Talk about finding a needle in a haystack. Dr. Barry is incredible, gentle, caring, and available all the time. Five stars isn't adequate for the type of care we have received with her."

"You are the first pediatrician to ever ask me how I was after having a baby. That has really stuck with me."

“We called for a sick visit and they were able to get us in within the hour. Incredible! And very much appreciated. Dr. Barry was incredible with my son. He’s typically very frightened at the doctors and she took her time with him, was patient, calming, soothing, and very thorough. I look forward to scheduling future appointments for my son with Dr. Barry. What I expected to be a painful process was actually the exact opposite!”

"You are a mom in the same stage of life as me and it helps so much! You are not only ***'s doctor, you are a support system and I am so thankful for you!"


“Just a note to say thank you for the sleeping tips for ***. He has been doing so much better with his hot wheel rewards. I just never thought he would understand the meaning of a reward... but he did. You were so right! You are a very smart doctor and I thank you!”

“I couldn’t have made it through these first 3 baby years without you."

"I am so glad that we found you because everyone is looking for what you're offering!"

“Dr. Barry is wonderful. We saw her about a very scary and sensitive topic. She handled it with such care and grace and we are grateful to have her as a pediatrician. We fully trust her with our children’s medical care. She goes above and beyond for her patients and parents! She’s wonderful with the kids! I could go on and on… Thank you for the incredible medical care, Dr. Barry!"

"We are extremely grateful to have found a doctor as wonderful and caring as you. *** and I are convinced that you are the best pediatrician there ever was and ever will be. Even my parents who have been around for 70 years have never seen the type of care you've provided to *** and ***. We are all amazed. We feel very blessed to have you taking care of our kids." 

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