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I have said for years that doctors can only be as successful as the support team and staff around them. I am THRILLED to have found the most wonderful virtual assistants to help me with a load of the administrative tasks and behind-the-scenes work of the practice so that I can do what I love best... focus on my patient families.

It is really important to me that anybody you come in contact with at Barry Pediatrics be kind, courteous, and professional. You may “meet” one of these lovely ladies if you reach out to the office, so I want to put a face to their name and introduce you to them. Angie and Cristy are hardworking, responsible, and attentive. Even more, they are genuinely really good people. I am so proud to have them on the Barry Pediatrics Team!


Cristina Giron

Cristy is passionate about completing all tasks, big and small, accurately and efficiently. As you can imagine, this has been a huge benefit to the practice!

She was born in Guatemala and raised in Miami, FL where she attended Florida International University. She’s a busy and active lady too; she completed a 500 mile hike across Spain called Camino de Santiago, spent a year in Frankfurt, Germany, and hopes to complete an Iron Man Triathlon in the year to come!

To reach Cristy directly:​


Angie Cortizo

Angie is the owner of Organized ASAP, a professional organizing business. She is well-versed and passionate about the growing DPC movement which sets her apart in this space. She is a tremendous help to me and has assisted me in streamlining my workflow and keeping me efficient.


She lives in Florida with her husband, 2 year old daughter, 8 year old stepson, and their 2 dogs. When not working she likes to read, write, swim, dance and sing, do puzzles, ride her bike, and watch movies. Her faith is of the utmost importance to her.

To reach Angie directly:​

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