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Welcome to the accessibility and convenience of Direct Primary Care.

  • Have your doctor’s cell phone number for direct access via phone call, texting, email, and video chat.

  • Flexibility in scheduling to meet your needs.

  • No more waiting in a waiting room. Your doctor welcomes you right at the door!

  • House calls and in-office visits available.

  • Feel at home in a clean office with a calm and peaceful environment​.

  • Peace of mind with price transparency and clear expectations about costs.

  • No copays, deductibles, or unanticipated bills.

  • No contract - cancel your membership at any time without fees or obligations.


Barry Pediatrics is the first exclusively pediatric Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice to open its doors in Ohio, delivering comprehensive high-quality modern medical care that addresses the whole child - body, mind, and spirit - alongside personalized old-fashioned service. As a concierge-style practice, your family receives the time, special attention, and care that you deserve with convenient accessibility to your pediatrician. DPC is a new but growing nationwide movement that is challenging the current healthcare model, eliminating the unnecessary barriers and red tape often experienced in fee-for-service medicine.

I am honored to be amongst physicians that are taking back primary health care on behalf of, and to advocate for, their patients. For many, the healthcare system has become an increasingly complex and frustrating obstacle between doctor and patient that limits choice, causes delay, and costs us all more. Direct primary care was created to re-establish an efficient and direct connection between doctor and patient -- the way healthcare was meant to be. By removing the confines and interference of insurance (regulations, authorizations, verifications, and coverage levels), I am able to keep a smaller panel, spend more time with each family, provide better care, and radically change their healthcare experience. I am thankful to have the freedom to do what I feel is best for each child. I can give my undivided attention to my patients and offer good and simple medical care without an overbooked schedule or excessive administrative demands.


DPC is a model of healthcare that goes back to the basics... back to putting our priorities in order and back to what doctors got into this field for in the first place... helping patients. I invite you to explore the difference of DPC and join the Barry Pediatrics family today. Let's care for your child together and watch them grow and thrive as we establish their roots, strengthen and nourish them, and provide all they need to flourish into a full bloom.

Reach out to learn more!


Dr. Deanna Barry

In Health,

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