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The American Academy of Pediatrics has established a well child visit schedule that I adhere to and recommend my patients follow. These comprehensive visits are important for several reasons:

  • to monitor a child's growth and development

  • undergo a thorough physical exam

  • to educate and prepare for the future with a focus on anticipatory guidance

  • to ensure necessary preventative care (screenings, immunizations, review safety measures, discussion about lifestyle)

  • an opportunity for parents to raise concerns and ask questions

  • to establish a strong trusted relationship with your pediatrician

In addition, family members may also receive their needed immunizations!



Memberships include unlimited visits to address illness, injury, and other acute or chronic concerns to encompass all of your child’s physical, mental, and emotional primary care needs. Appointments can take as long or as little time as needed. In some cases, we must decide together if an urgent care or ER visit is necessary. COVID-19 testing is available. No long waits in a waiting room around other ill children. Evening and weekend visits for flexibility around your schedule. Home visits offered if indicated (additional fee may apply).


The hallmark of DPC and concierge medicine is the capability and ease of direct connection to your doctor. Families receive a members-only cell phone number and email address with full access via phone call, texting, email, and video conferencing with their primary pediatrician. All exchanges are uploaded directly into their medical record for continuity. Find comfort in the availability of the physician who knows your child best with this personalized care.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can save time, money, and stress while providing exceptional and unparalleled care for your child, reach out today!